Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Stafford County approves land for permanent Germanna Center

Germanna Community College moved a step closer to a permanent center in Stafford County last night when the county's Board of Supervisors approved development and land needed for the project.
 GCC President David A. Sam has said of Stafford: “We are here to stay. We are here for the long haul. Stafford County is one of the best places for us to partner in terms of workforce development… We expand to meet the needs of our communities.”
  Stafford, the county with the largest population in Germanna’s service area, is a logical place for GCC to grow, he said.
 The permanent center would be another in a series of steps in raising Germanna’s profile in Stafford to meet community needs, beginning with the Stafford County Center (which has exceeded its 1,000 student capacity) in August 2009 and the GCC Automotive Center in August 2012.
When a permanent center opened, the college would close those facilities, which are rented, and consolidate at the permanent site southeast of the intersection of U.S. 1 and Hospital Center Boulevard.
 Dr. Sam has said Germanna would respond to the needs of Stafford’s growing, evolving business community at the permanent center with, among others, professional and technical studies programs, workforce business and professional development courses and homeland security-related courses including cybersecurity

A conceptual drawing shows what a permanent  Germanna
location in Stafford County may look like

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