Sunday, April 26, 2009

Autism in higher education talk set for Wednesday

The Regional Director of the Autistic Self Advocacy Network is to speak to Germanna students, faculty, and staff about autism in higher education Wednesday ...

April is Autism Awareness month, and the Germanna Community College counseling department has invited Paula Durbin-Westby, the Regional Director of the Autistic Self Advocacy Network, to speak to students, faculty, and staff about autism in higher education.

Ms. Durbin-Westby will be give a talk at the Locust Grove Campus's room 100 on Wednesday, April 29th from 11 a.m.-noon, with an interactive video link set up for Fredericksburg Area Campus' Dickinson Building room 225.

Ms. Durbin-Westby will also be meeting with Germanna students in the autism spectrum following the larger presentation.

Those interested in attending should contact Kelly Wolfe at 540-423-9140 or Win Stevens at 540-891-3019.

GCC art student Jessi Fischer earns scholarship to Savannah College of Art and Design

A Jessi Fischer work titled 'Fisch' ...

Germanna student Jessi Fischer has received a scholarship to the Savannah College of Art and Design and will transfer there as a junior in the fall and pursue a BFA in illustration.

She's a graduate of Colonial Forge High School in Stafford.

Germanna Community College's Dr. Kevin Handley earns Chancellor's Commonwealth Professorship

Dr. Kevin Handley, Germanna professor of psychology, has been honored by the Virginia Community College System ...


Dr. Kevin Handley, professor of psychology at Germanna Community College has been awarded the 2009-2011 Chancellor's Commonwealth Professorship, which acknowledges teaching excellence while advancing the art of instruction.

He will be honored by the State Board for Community Colleges on July 16.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Germanna student Kristeen Hadeed talks with Indian fashion designer Elisheba John of Magic Clothing Pvt. Ltd. about the business. John was part of an Indian delegation that visited GCC this week. ...

Germanna Community College has established a program that will involve cultural and business study in India as well as student exchange.

The India Study Abroad program launches this summer, with destination cities of Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Kumarakom and Chennai.

There will be three travel tracks--an India Study humanities class track, a Business/IT/Ayurvedic visit track and a general cultural interest track. Ayurvedic is a system of traditional medicine native to India.

Highlights of the 16-day, July 23-Aug. 8 tour will include the Taj Mahal, an elephant ride at Amber Fort in Jaipur, a cross-country Jeep safari ride, a camel ride in Samode, a house boat cruise in Kumarakom, Hindu Temples and other stops. The deadline for registration is May 15.

Last year, a small committee traveled to six Indian cities to investigate opportunities in information technology, history and culture.

Germanna is the first institution in the Virginia Community College System to establish a program in India.

Frances Lea, GCC associate professor of economics and marketing and a member of the committee, said that during an exploratory mission to India last year, “We were surprised by how open the Indian universities and chambers of commerce are and how wiling they were to work with us.”

“I am delighted that Germanna has approved its first Study Abroad Program to India,” said Sunithi Gnanadoss, a GCC faculty member who was part of the team that traveled to India on the exploratory mission. “This is a fruition of a vision, research, and much work. It is good for students to connect with the global world--connecting today with tomorrow's world is very important.”

This week a delegation of Indian business people visited Germanna and talked to students and faculty about opportunities and culture there.

GCC associate professor of English Gnanadoss, who is a native of India, said she hopes the relationship will help change the idea that American can only lose jobs to India through outsourcing. She sees the program as a step toward creating American jobs.

She sees opportunities instead: Student exchange could provide internships at information technology centers and jobs tutoring English.

GCC Director of Workforce and Community Education Martha O'Keefe, who also was part of the exploratory committee trip, agreed. "I think it will lead to just a better understanding of the business climate in India," she said.

Unlike study-abroad programs in Europe, where some customs are similar to American culture, India would immerse students in an entirely different environment, Gnanadoss said.

For more information, call 540/423-9857, e-mail or go to

Monday, April 13, 2009

Germanna and University of Virginia plan to team up on engineering program

Learn about plans for Germanna's new engineering program at 6 p.m., Tuesday, April 14 at the Fredericksburg Campus ...

Virginia community colleges are partnering with the University of Virginia to increase the number of engineering graduates.

James Groves, assistant dean of research and outreach at U.Va.'s School of Engineering and Applied Science, will make presentations on the program at Germanna Community College this week and next.

Called "Produced in Virginia," the program uses the community college system as a pipeline for students into U.Va. for its Bachelor of Science degree in engineering.

Germanna plans to offer an associate of science in engineering that will be aligned with the U.Va. program starting this fall.

Groves' presentation will take place on Tuesday, April 14, 6 p.m.-7:30 p.m. in Room 212 of Dickinson Building at the Fredericksburg Area Campus in Spotsylvania.

Information on the program may be found on the Web at or by calling Mark Gibson, engineering program director, at 540/834-1063 or e-mail:

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Scotty, prepare Germanna Community College engineering program to go to warp speed!

Mr. Scott, head engineer for the U.S.S. Enterprise, tries to give a primitive computer voice commands in one of the "Star Trek" movies. The "Star Trek" character inspired a whole generation of engineers to go into the field. Now America needs an infusion of new engineers to compete with rising economic powers like China.

Germanna Community College is planning to start an engineering program, partnering with UVa., this fall. Attend a meeting Tuesday, April 14, 6 p.m.-7:30 p.m. in Room 212 of Dickinson Building at the Fredericksburg Area Campus in Spotsylvania to learn more.