Monday, October 21, 2013

Judi Bartlett elected VCCA president for 2014-15

Judi Bartlett, Germanna Community College's Stafford County Center Coordinator, has been elected president of the Virginia Community College Association for 2014-2015.
Bartlett was previously an Associate Dean of Instruction at Germanna. She also teaches Web design and other technical courses at GCC. She has 15 years experience in higher education.
Prior to that, she was a technology analyst for the federal government, where she helped the General Services Administration prepare for the year 2000 rollover problem, also known as Y2K and the Millennium Bug.
Bartlett has mentored students in Germanna's Great Expectations program, which helps young people who are aging out of the foster care system complete high school, gain access to a community college education and make the transition to living independently. She has served on Germanna's faculty senate as a non-voting member and is a member of the college's Threat Assessment Committee.
Germanna Stafford County Center Coordinator Judi Bartlett



Carol Winn said...

Congratulations Judi!

Alison Gauch Hieber said...

Congratulations on this opportunity to serve the VCCA! So proud to see you take on this leadership role representing Germanna.

Ali Gauch Hieber

Anonymous said...

That is an awesome accomplishment!! Way to GCC on the map to the future! We're proud of you!

Katherine Quann said...

Thata is an awesome accomplishment!! Way to put GCC on the map to the future! We're proud of you!

Kathryn Willis said...

Wow! Judy! This is excellent. Germanna is proud of you, and so am I.