Friday, October 4, 2013

GCC's Adult Career Coach Program making a difference for displaced workers


Lisa Marsh spent seven years styling hair, a job she loved. But after hurting her back, she knew she needed to find another career.

After graduating from Germanna Community College with a degree in business management, she turned to Germanna's Adult Career Coach Program for help. Michelle Beverage, a career coach, and Marie Hawley, career counselor, helped her with resumes and interviewing and supported her each step of the way.

 “The program was an amazing experience for me,” Lisa said.
 The Adult Career Coach Program is a grant-funded free program that guides adult displaced workers through determining what career switch may be appropriate and how to navigate that path.
 Lisa believed her journey was eased by having people at Germanna she could call on.
 “Michelle gathered all my information and put it in a database. She helped me with interviewing skills, and she gave me advice on the "dress" for interviewing. Anytime I had an interview, I emailed her, and there was a pep talk coming right back to me,” said Lisa.
 Changing careers can be overwhelming. Michelle helps with decisions about credit and noncredit courses, certification, and even financial aid. She helps folks access the Virginia Wizard, which can guide someone toward his interests and strengths. She can also connect people to Cheri Ober, the experiential learning coordinator at Germanna. Cheri helps people on the credit side who want to do an internship.
 Most important is making sure students can afford and pay for the classes. “The paperwork for FAFSA (federal financial student aid) and the Workforce Investment Act  can be daunting,” Michelle said. “People need someone to help them through the process.”
 Her office is located at the Virginia Workforce Center in Spotsylvania County, also called the One-Stop. As people walk through the door, they can visit the Virginia Employment Commission and see Michelle at the same time for help with free services.
 Lisa was one of those who benefited.
“Lisa was very motivated. She followed up on everything she was supposed to do. From the beginning, she was on top of her game,” Michelle said.
 The Adult Career Coach Program can help remove barriers, help people figure out which direction to take, and nudge them along in the process of finding a new job. Germanna offers courses and certificates in health care, industry and construction, and technology among others. As a career coach, Michelle helps people get back on their feet.
 Lisa is now working at Germanna in the financial aid office. “I can't say enough about Michelle.  She never led me down the wrong path.  She worked very hard to help me.   She's an amazing woman, very good at what she does,” said Lisa.
 For more information about the Adult Career Center and how to register, call Michelle Beverage at 540-736-8041 or email
 All services funded by a U.S. Department of Labor ETA grant award. This is the creation of the grantee and does not necessarily reflect the official position of the USDOL.


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