Sunday, April 27, 2014

Emeritus status for Profs. Frank, Gossweiler: ‘How do you measure the lump in a student’s throat?’

 Two Germanna Community College professors were recognized with emeritus status during a retiree reception at the Fredericksburg Area Campus in Spotsylvania Friday afternoon.
Profs. Rich Gossweiler and Don Frank with GCC President David Sam

Rich Gossweiler and Don Frank were awarded professor emeritus status.
Business Prof. Don Frank is retiring after 34 years of service and History Prof. Rich Gossweiler after 32 years of service to GCC and 45 years of service in the Virginia Community College System. Germanna President David A. Sam praised both professors for their exemplary contributions to their students, their colleagues and the college. Prof. Mike Shirazi called Frank, who came to Germanna in 1983 after retiring from the Marine Corps as a lieutenant colonel and has served as Business department chair and chair of the Faculty Senate, “One of the best people I’ve ever met.”
Sam said Frank “will be remembered by his students for being tough, fair, but also inspiring and able to connect what he was teaching to the real world. Many will think of him as one of their favorite professors. He has also been someone who would speak his mind and advocate for them.”
Prof. Frances Lea tells a story about Prof. Don Frank

Gossweiler, it was noted, not only taught students, but mentored faculty and staff. Prof. Cory MacLauchlin said of Gossweiler: “When I first came, there was one line that Rich said that stuck with me.

“Rich kept saying, ‘How do you measure the lump in a students’ throat?’ If we don’t make the students feel something, then we miss the point.’

“To me that’s your legacy,” MacLauchlin said.
Frank told the crowd of Germanna faculty and staff they should not forget the importance of associate’s degrees as they focus on transferring students in pursuit of bachelor’s degrees: “In the Business department, we still think an associate’s degree that doesn’t transfer is a good thing to have. In this extremely competitive world, sometimes associate’s degrees are overshadowed. The community needs associate’s degree graduates to stay in the area and become good citizens.”
Gossweiler urged faculty members to continue to “challenge the students … make them go further than they expected.”
He also asked them to remember that: “students are your friends. When we go through town, we always run into our students. The wonderful thing about community colleges is you see the results—you see [former] students. You make friends.”
Gossweiler will continue to teach at GCC on a part-time basis.
Also honored were retiring staffers Joy Paxton-Collis (10 years) and Gail Banks (15 years).


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Mr. Frank was the best teacher I had during my time at Germanna. It was great that both of these men were honored for their service!