Friday, April 18, 2014

Deconstruction Night a smashing success

t was a dissection of sorts.
A big-screen TV, a vintage computer, a laptop, a microwave, cell phones, prrinters, scanners, radios, motors, pumps, electrical swtiches, relays and other devices and gadgets were autopsied.
Germanna Prof. Mirela Fetea with a young deconstructor.
Germanna Prof. Mirela Fetea with a young deconstructor.
Profs. Mirela Fetea and Davyda Hammond held the event Wednesday night at the Science & Engineering Building and Information Commons on the Fredericksburg Area Campus in Spotsylvania.
About 60 people age 3 – 70, in some cases entire families, participated.
"Activities like Deconstruction Night build communities of learners and camaraderie among faculty and students already in the program, their friends, families, and outside visitors of all ages eager to learn," Dr. Mirela said.
"We have a great group of dedicated and enthusiastic physics and engineering students at Germanna, excellent ambassadors to instill a deeper appreciation of what physics and engineering are all about, she said. "Many people think that science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, in particular physics and engineering, are challenging. They are. But they are also fun, exciting, practical, and extremely relevant to our lives."

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