Saturday, January 5, 2013

Disney internship advancing Germanna student toward career goal

Germanna student Laura Veigel is going to Disney World--but not for the rides or the shows.
Veigel, who lives in Stafford County, is entering Disney College’s Professional Internship Program for the spring and summer of 2013. Beginning Jan. 15th, she will work at Disney World and take classes there in subjects including leadership.
“I’ve always wanted to work for Disney,” Veigel said. “It’s been my dream since  middle school, and this is my first step toward reaching that goal.”
  Her internship will be in food service, but her goal is to become a message therapist on a Disney cruise ship. At 18, her only previous work experience has been in food service and she sees the internship as a means of getting her foot in the door. She said she’ll be living in an apartment complex Disney provides the students and taking classes in leadership.
  “Internships are the new interview,” said Germanna Experiential Learning Coordinator Cheri Ober. “And in a challenging economic environment, they are highly valued by companies in choosing their next new hire. 
 “Internships are an opportunity to get your foot in the door; gain access, gain skills and show initiative, not to mention add excellent company names to your resume.  Disney is a resume builder ...  Laura will be able to apply her experience to anything she chooses to do.”
   Ober said the classes Veigel takes at Disney will add value to the business classes she has taken at Germanna. 
  “She will have an opportunity to really understand organizational culture and leadership, enhance her communication skills and get hands-on experience in the field of hospitality.”
 The experience, Ober said, is applicable to Germana’s Business 290-Coordinated Internship class, which means she’ll have the opportunity to earn academic credit through Germanna while in Orlando.
  Ober said Germanna students have interned  this fall at local companies like Providence Services Corporation, The Engineering Groupe, Rappahannock Electric Cooperative, the Fredericksburg Regional Alliance and Thrive. 
   “They too have learned valuable skills that will improve their chances of employment after graduation,” Ober said.
   She said Germanna students are applying for internships with the Star Radio Group, HCA and at the White House for this spring and summer. 
  For information on the Germanna internship program email Ober at

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