Thursday, August 20, 2015

Germanna announces faculty Learning Environment Award winners

Germanna Community College has announced its Spring 2015 faculty Learning Environment Award winners.
The awards recognize extraordinary and exemplary contributions to the learning environment by fulltime teaching faculty in one or more of the following areas: Teaching, Scholarly and Creative Engagement, Institutional Responsibility, and Service to the college or the community.

Winners of Learning Environment Awards for Spring 2015
Vanessa Sekinger
Kelley Lloyd
April Morgan
Leigh Hancock
Patricia Parker
Mike Read
Carolyn Pevey
Carrie Lowry
Brenda Robinson
Jean Lauzon
Eric Vanover
David Marsich
Brent Wilson
Wen Maier
Angela Sheaffer
Camille Mustachio
Jerry Miller
Diane Merkel
Brenda Dixon
Marie Messier
Jamie Lennahan
John Stroffolino
Gayle Wolfe
Monique Lewis
Kellie Bradshaw
Gretchen Warren
Julie Fasano
Jessica Matheson
Maury Wrightson
Shawn Shields-Maxwell

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