Sunday, May 17, 2015

Great Expectations: 'If they can make it big, so can you'

Germanna Community College recognizes the strides being made by Great Expectations program students students during a GE Milestones: 
Recognizing and Celebrating Student Successes ceremony.Wednesday night. 
Great Expectations prepares foster care youth aging out of the system for the transition to college in part through mentoring.
“Germanna is a place where you can begin to live out a part of your dreams," GE Program Coordinator Jennifer Lawrence for the students . "Antwone Fisher, a former foster youth, said to himself, 'if they can make it big, so can I.' So, I want you to know as I have shared with you all over and over again. . . I am proud of you for all that you have overcome and if they can make it big, so can you.”
Antwan Perry addresses Germanna Great Expectations students.

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