Sunday, December 14, 2014

Explore Shakespeare's impact during Germanna trip to London

A note from Prof. Cheryl Huff: 

I’m thrilled to offer an exciting travel opportunity for all of Germanna and our community, with the blessings of the International Committee. In May of 2016, we will travel to London and explore Shakespeare’s historic and modern impact, visiting the recreated Globe Theater for an extensive tour and live play, as well as the Tower of London (Richard III) and Hampton Court (Henry VIII), along with the British Museum and National Gallery. We will travel out to Stratford-upon-Avon and visit his birthplace and resting place, with another play at the Royal Shakespeare Company there. Our tour will also include contemporary London, with views from the London Eye, as well as pub fare, fish n’chips, and a proper curry! The trip dates are May 19-26.

I have been teaching the works of William Shakespeare via our ENG279: Film and Literature course, as well as in ENG251: World Literature and HUM111: Great Books for many years, and my students find these classes transformative in understanding Shakespeare’s dynamic role in our culture.  I will be your academic guide, and promise to bring my expertise (MLitt in Shakespeare Studies, St Andrews University, Scotland) and experience (ten years of teaching) to benefit all. I will be offering these courses over the next three semesters before the trip, and will also hold fun and informative pre-trip events for everyone signed up.
 Our experienced travel company Explorica is offering a substantial discount if you sign up by December 18, with a minimum deposit of $15., and they have an automatic monthly payment plan. The cost will be around $3300.00 for those signing up early, including air fare, transfers, hotels, tours, and meals.  With 20-some months to pay for the trip, this can both a worthy goal and affordable educational investment. Please tell your students and family about this trip, or invite me to pitch it to your class!
I will be holding an informational open house this Wednesday, Dec. 17, in my office at SP3 (the shiny Science/Library building), room 308, from 9 am to 1pm, or by appointment. Come by, call 540/891-1032, or email me so we can discuss this exciting trip. See our​
All are welcome!

Cheryl Huff, MA-LA, MLitt
Associate Professor of English and Humanities
Chair, Humanities
Coordinator, Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning


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