Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Germanna's Adult Career Center can help you get back on your feet

People's pasts ought not determine their futures, especially if they are trying to get back on their feet.

The Germanna Community College Center for Workforce & Adult Education's Adult Career Center, the Thrive Healing Center, an organization that provides comprehensive services to women, and VA Cares, a statewide program that gives support for ex-offenders needing to re-enter the workforce, have recently joined forces to provide a process for select women in need of help. Thrive will take the lead in determining the best fit for each person. Some may be sent directly to the Adult Career Program and Michelle Beverage for help with resumes and the job search. Others will begin with life coach courses at VA Cares led by volunteers at Thrive. Together the organizations hope to make a difference for women trying to restart their lives.

"“I’m looking forward to working together with Thrive & VA Cares to help coach these women toward successful career pathways," Beverage said.

All services funded by a U.S. Department of Labor ETA grant award. This is the creation of the grantee and does not necessarily reflect the official position of the USDOL.



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