Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Germanna history Prof. Rich Gossweiler honored for 45 years of service

History Prof. Rich Gossweiler was recognized for 45 years of service during today's Learning Day at the Daniel Technology Center in Culpeper. 
Dr. Rich Gossweiler honored by Germanna President David A. Sam

Dr. Sarah Somerville was recognized for 30 years of service; Rick Brehm and Asst. Prof. Delois McCormick were recognized for 25 years; Valerie Miller and Assoc. Prof. Phyllis Smith for 20 years; Chief Craig Branch, Dean Pam Frederick, Assoc. Prof. Frances Lea, Prof. Karen Mittura, Sandra Monroe, Asst. Prof. Mike Shirazi and Beverly Unkle for 15 years; Assoc. Prof. Sherlyn A. Farrish-Barner, Susan Brown, Assoc. Dean Paula Gentry, Dean Shashuna Gray, Melba Morrozoff, Nancy Noel, Ron Williams and Assoc. Prof. Samantha Wilson for 10 years and Rosie Henderson, Michael Hurley, Kelly Rudnik and Dr. Jeanne Wesley for five years.

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