Friday, June 14, 2013

Math in Action Conference simply adds up for area teachers

Students who’ve sweated out a summer school math class while their friends were at the pool might smile at the idea of their math teachers brushing up on their skills in June.

But the teachers really want to. That’s what Germanna’s Center for Workforce and Community Education learned when representatives visited every school system in the region to ask in what areas they needed assistance.

The result is Math in Action: A Conference for Math Teachers by Math Teachers to be held at Germanna's Fredericksburg Area Campus from 8:30 4:30 p.m. on June 24.

“It’s the first time we’ve done something like this,” said Kimberly Rodenberg, GCC Business & Career Coordinator. “We went around to the school systems and asked how we could help with professional development. Hands down, math teachers wanted help dealing with the strict changes in math requirements.  We partnered with all of the schools to bring in teachers who could share best practices with each other. We hope to make this an annual event.”

The conference is designed for teachers interested in helping students achieve at the highest possible levels in math.  Attendees will hear the latest about mathematics instruction from the Virginia Department of Education’s Dr. Deborah Wickham and Christa Southall.

 Teachers will then have the opportunity to participate in break-out sessions focused on instructional strategies for the teaching of math.  All break-out sessions will be conducted by teachers sharing best practices, helping to build a network of support throughout the region

 “The teachers will be sharing their methods and skills,” said Brenda Tanner, a former superintendent of Madison County schools who is working with Germanna’s Center for Workforce as a consultant. "That makes it somewhat unique.” She  believes the conference will have a lasting effect, creating a virtual network of “teachers supporting teachers.”

Breakfast and lunch will be included.

The conference registration fee is  $79.

To register, call 540-891-3012

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