Monday, April 1, 2013

She helps other students and the Germanna Educational Foundation is helping her

Germanna Community College student Sarah Pfeiffer is German. So when she needed a job, she thought about working at GCC’s Tutoring Center, helping others learn to speak her native tongue.
But she’s such a good student that she wound up tutoring German, English, math, biology and chemistry.
GCC Middle College Coordinator Carolyn Bynum
and student, tutor and scholarship recipient Sarah Pfeiffer

"I actually just walked over there to ask if they might need a German tutor,” she says with a laugh. Then GCC Coordinator of Tutoring Ann Lyons asked  how her English is. "I ended up tutoring pretty much everything I’ve taken so far,” Pfeiffer says.
She’s on track to graduate from Germanna in the spring of 2013. She plans to transfer to the University of Mary Washington to pursue a master’s degree in biology, then go on to dental school at Virginia Commonwealth University.
“I love it at Germanna,” she says. “Everybody is really helpful.”
She says she’s grateful to the Germanna Educational Foundation for the Raynold "Randy" Collier Glazebrook III Scholarship and the Steve and Nancy Jones Scholarship. They've “made a huge difference” as she puts herself through college, she says.
  Funds raised at the GCC Educational Foundation's annual Scholarship Monte Carlo Night, set for April 20 at Germanna's Daniel Technology Center in Culpeper, go to help Germanna students who aren't able to get the support they need through financial aid.


Megan David said...
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Jenna Pastorek said...

Hi Megan,

The Educational Foundation doesn't have any scholarships designated for any specific nationality but we welcome all Germanna students to apply for the over fifty scholarships we award each year.

Administrative Assistant
GCC Educational Foundation

Megan David said...

Thanks for your reply I am glad to get reply from you for getting scholarship in Australia