Saturday, November 10, 2012

Fredericksburg Regional Alliance President Gene Bailey has business advice for Germanna students: The only thing to fear is fear itself

Gene Bailey,  president of the Fredericksburg Regional Alliance, offered career advice to about 60 Germanna students, faculty members and staffers at a “Knowledge: Key to a Larger Paycheck” luncheon at the Fredericksburg Country Club Tuesday, Nov. 6 organized by GCC Career Counselor Marie Hawley.
Bailey gave Germanna students tips on networking, opening lines, dining room skills, putting together resumes and job interviews.
   Perhaps the most valuable advice Bailey shared is that the students should keep in mind that others are probably just as nervous as they are.
He invited the students to attend FRA’s 13th Annual Meeting luncheon as his guests and told them not to be intimidated.
  “Everybody is scared of something,” Bailey told the GCC students.
“…The objective is to get in the game, not think of five reasons not to go.”
     ”I was 19 years old and did not have indoor plumbing,” Bailey said. “My [starting point] was a lot lower than anybody’s in this room. If I can do it, I’m reasonably sure there’s somebody in this room who can do better.”
FRA's Gene Bailey and GCC student Joanna Stroup
GCC Career Counselor Marie Hawley and student Javier Penzellence
    GCC's Dr. Miguel Lechuga and students Kimberly McGinnis, Kristina Wall and Christine Beverly 

Germanna Dean Denise Guest

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