Monday, June 18, 2012

Some tips from Germanna's Veterans Affairs Education Office

Veterans: Please sign up for and track your E-benefits here.

Tips for veteran students from Dianne S. Frausto, Germanna Community College Veterans Affairs Education Office representative. (540/891-3023,


Fall Semester will be here before you know it. Here are some tips to remember...

Fall Certifications will be processed Sept. 6th – 13th. Even if you turn your paperwork in prior to these dates, I will not begin certifying until the 6th. GI Bill benefits refund you $41.67 per credit hour.

You must be enrolled in 12 credits for the full term in order to receive full BAH. If you are registered for three credits the whole term, three credits the first five weeks and four credits the last five weeks, you will not receive full BAH funding.

Any courses listed as "distance learning," "distance education" or "hybrid" are entered and recognized by VA as online classes.

You must be registered for at least one in-house (face to face) lecture class in order to receive full benefits.

You are required to complete and return a Registration Certification form to me the same day you register for classes.

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