Tuesday, May 29, 2012

How Germanna is making a difference--by Prof. Lisa Murphy and Adjunct Prof. Russell Carter

In today's Free Lance-Star, Prof. Lisa Murphy and Adjunct Prof. Russell Carter explain how Germanna is making a difference for its students, their families, local businesses and our communities.

These programs train students, including many career-changers, for new jobs in growing fields such as health care and cyber security. This strengthens the local economy by helping to close the "skills gap." The Virginia Employment Commission recently reported that in our area 3,000 jobs were unfilled because companies could not find qualified employees. When a person gains the skills to do one of those jobs, that is a success for the worker, the employer, and the community--with or without a degree...

The dedicated faculty, staff, and administrators of Virginia's community colleges live in the communities we serve. We see our students not only in classes but at our places of worship, at our children's schools, and at the grocery store. They are our friends and neighbors. These relationships keep us motivated to improve our services to better meet their needs. You can't replace that with an online class from a for-profit corporation.

Lisa Murphy, a professor of mathematics, co-chairs the engineering department at Germanna Community College. Russell Carter, a retired businessman, is an adjunct professor of history and English at GCC.

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