Monday, July 11, 2011

Germanna preparing rising ninth graders to lead

A group of rising ninth-graders began Germanna Community College's week-long Launch into Leadership summer camp program for rising ninth-graders today.
Launch into Leadership provides an introduction to key leadership skills that are valuable in any situation and relevant tonew high schoolers.
Rising freshmen are exposed to some of the challenges and expectations they can expect in high school. They prepare for participating in and leading student and organizations and also develop improved confidence, communication skills and raising consciousness about the impact we all have on one another.
The curriculum includes:
Importance of teamwork.
Verbal and written communication and body language.
Prepared and extemporaneous speaking.
Etiquetts and protocol.
Assignments including writing a daily journal entry.
The development of a personal mission statement that includes long- and short-term goals and a plan to achieve them.
Creating a PowerPoint presentation that students may show families at the closing session.

For more informaton, contact the GCC Center for Workforce & Community Education at 540/891-3012 or email or visit us on the Web at

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