Thursday, November 6, 2008


Germanna Community College will honor all veterans, past and present, during a Veterans' Day ceremony at the college's Locust Grove Campus at 4:40 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 11.

All students, faculty and staff are cordially invited to attend.

Dr. Ann Woolford-Singh, Germanna Vice President for Academic Affairs, will speak, followed by Stephen Combs, Senior National Appeals Officer at the Board of Veterans Appeals in Washington.

The event will close with members of Culpeper’s Eastern View High School Marine Corps and Junior ROTC clubs lowering the U.S. Flag, a tradition that signals the end of the duty day at all military establishments around the world.

The ceremony will be followed by light refreshments in the LGC student lounge.

For more information about the ceremony and Germanna's Veterans Club, call Joan Fischer at 540/423-9141.


Chuck said...

As a Disabled Combat Veteran, I am absolutely abhorred at the fact that Veteran's Day was arbitrarily left out of the holiday schedule for Germanna simply to save a dollar or two in the budget. I did not fight in two different conflicts and lose 19 Marines in the process just to have a day that the Federal Government has set aside to recognize my service, crapped on, and then told that I will still be accountable for my classes during this day. At small ceremony at the LGC is fine and dandy, however, it will be noted by an editorial in the Freelance Star and I will be contacting my State and Federal Official about the disrespect shown to me and all of the other Veterans by the State sponsored and funded institution.

Anonymous said...

Sorry that Chuck feels this way-he is to be honored for his service to our country and we should thank every veteran for their sacrifices. Iam also a veteran at germanna. There is an emerging veterans group that put together the planned ceremony so my thought is that Germanna is honoring the veterans with a ceremony of their choosing. Perhaps the writer could consider becoming involved in this group and affect the changes he wants through that venue, rather than critically blast their efforts. The decision to be open today has NOTHING to do with saving dollars by the way. If I had felt strongly about not attending classes today I would have discussed this with my teachers in sufficient time for them to react or ask for guidance. Respectfully submitted-